My oldest son, Jacob, got officially registered for Kindergarten today, and I have so many thoughts.

Celebrating a successful screening and registration with a little afternoon cookie break

1) Whew! We made it. Almost. I mean he hasn't gone yet.
2) I feel like I deserve some sort of prize.
3) Yes, iced coffee at 3:30 p.m. works. And cookies.
4) Why is it so complicated to get a kid registered for Kindergarten in our urban public school district?
5) Oh, because the schools are resourced very differently, and experiences could vary widely depending on where your child is assigned. So parents are rightly obsessed with SchoolChoice and getting into their desired neighborhood or magnet or charter school.
6) Why are schools resourced so differently?
7) Because school funding is tied to property taxes, so wealthier areas get better funded schools.
8) I believe in public education.
9) I believe teachers should be well-compensated and treated fairly and with respect.
10) I believe my son should experience school in a non-homogeneous environment.
11) I am working on checking my own privilege. Like, all the time. And failing.
12) It is hard to navigate all these forms and requirements.
13) He needed a screening?
14) By today?!
15) Is he going to lose his spot?
16) Is he going to pass?
17) I should dress up for this.
18) Man, this is kind of a vast set of requirements and details and forms.
19) This would be extremely difficult if you weren't a native English speaker.
20) Why do I feel like my son's Kindergarten is going to set the course of his entire future?
21) Because Kindergarten determines Middle School determines High School determines who you know and how you know and where you go.
22) Have I become an annoying pushy millennial parent? Don't answer that.
23) Should I have been checking that Facebook Moms board more?
24) Am I behind?
25) I'm not pushy enough!
26) It's important that we adequately fund our urban public schools.
27) Minneapolis is facing major budget cuts to its school system.
28) My son won't be as affected because his schools are located in the most affluent part of the district.
29) I am going to make sure my son is in the most affluent part of the district.
30) Clearly a parents' income level greatly impacts a child's educational opportunity in America.
31) This seems to have become more true since I went to Kindergarten.
32) I am a participant in perpetuating inequality.
33) He's only 5.
34) I can't believe he's so old.
35) Remember when we went to baby classes?
36) My name is Angela, and this is Jacob.
37) He was the biggest baby in the class.
38) I was embarrassed because I gave him formula so early. I had no idea what I was doing. I was the youngest mom there, even though I was 27.
39) We lived in San Francisco.
40) And then Chicago.
41) And then Orange County.
42) And then Minneapolis.
43) And now he's going to go to Kindergarten.
44) I'm so proud of him.
45) I only want the best for him.
46) Does wanting the best for him cause me to limit opportunities for other kids?
47) Maybe.
48) I love him so much.
49) He's going to be a great Kindergartener.
50) I believe in public education.

Angela, Jacob's mom

Jacob's future school


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