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The Next Day

Last night, I got to celebrate the official launch of my book, Red State Christians, with a book launch party in Minneapolis complete with my name on the marquee!

I decided to continue the excitement this morning by scheduling a filling at the dentist's office at 7:30, which means that now half my mouth is still numb, I can't talk or eat, and I haven't had any coffee.
So, you know, just living the dream over here.
If you're asking yourself, Who schedules a cavity filling the morning after their book launch party?
That is definitely a valid question and one I was also asking myself this morning. Nonetheless, it illustrates a pertinent point. Life goes on.
No matter how high the highs or how low the lows, life goes on. We have to get up, carry on, and live. Plus, at least it was only one cavity.
And at least I have the luxury of going to the dentist at all.
Really, what made this morning harder is that I spent most of the night awake. As an introverted, overly empathetic…

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