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Don't get out of the boat!

This week, a great number of American churches and pastors will preach about a familiar Bible story: the tale of Jesus walking on water.
If you're a faithful American churchgoer, or even just an occasional one -- or even if you just listen to Christian radio every once in awhile or attended a Christian college, well, you've probably heard a popular sermon and interpretation of this text.
The idea goes like this ...
The story of Jesus' walking on water focuses on an interaction Jesus has with the disciple Peter, who will go on after Jesus' death and resurrection to be known as the Apostle Peter and the first pope of the Catholic Church. It is Peter to whom Jesus gives the "keys," calling Peter a "rock on which the church will be built, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it."
That passage comes just two chapters after Peter's interaction with Jesus walking on water.
Here's what happens. In the midst of a terrible storm on the Sea of Ga…

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