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A Little Life: A Mother’s Prayer after a school shooting

  A Little Life After a school shooting, a mother’s prayer Photo Credit: Jae C. Hong / AP God,   He came from you to me. Tiny, writhing, mouth open wide in a primal scream.   I remember the first time he blinked. Eyes staring up into mine.   “I’m here.” “I need you.”   Instinct merged with anxiety Those first long hours   Then days And chaotic, screaming nights   Exhaustion curled up together on the dark green couch He fit next to me cozily, molded against my stomach like clay   Where he once had all he needed I couldn’t put him back in   He got bigger Huge   2 then 4 then 6 then 8 Big snow boots stomping off   Kindergarten and recess And COVID lockdowns   He gave me morning hugs He ate so many little bags of Goldfish crackers   I sent him back gingerly He leapt onto the football field   He dashed around the playground He laughed uproariously with his friends   He ate three pieces of pizza The torn-up toes of his worn shoes flapped in the wind   The snow melted and the rain fell He pul

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