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Valentine's Day, Ash Wednesday, Love and Death

Today is Valentine's Day.

Today is also Ash Wednesday.

Today I got to meet with my book publisher, editor and a group of marketing and editorial staff at Fortress Press. It was so exciting to share our enthusiasm for #RedStateChristians, and to talk about what God might have in store for the future.

Today I made breakfast tortillas with cutout hearts and red salsa decorations.

Today my younger son romped through mommy and me gymnastics, and he couldn't have been happier.

Today my older son celebrated Valentine's Day with his Pre-K class, and everyone gave each other Valentines, and they were all happy and no one felt left out.

Today my dad watched my boys while I went to the publisher's office, and he and the boys made a backyard snowman, complete with stocking cap hat, carrot nose, and long, winding scarf.

Today I ran into a friend of mine downtown, and we spent time together walking and talking in the skyway, and I enjoyed the unexpected blessings of long-lasting fri…

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