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Permission to see God in You: A post on the new book, Embodied, by LeeAnn M. Pomrenke

Maybe you've heard the one about the Pastor who gets pulled over for speeding, and as soon as the officer sees his clergy collar, he says, "OK, Father, no problem."The opportunity to potentially avoid a moving vehicle ticket is one of the few documented perks of serving in the clergy, a calling more than a job, known more for its intense hours and high expectations than for its corporate benefits.That's probably the way it should be, for those of us seeking to serve God and the church as a way of life, more so than making a living.Still, I'm a Pastor. I got pulled over yesterday, about 15 miles or so away from my church. The state trooper saw me using the map function on my phone (guilty as charged), and even though he did know some of my church members, I got a ticket nonetheless.I don't think that instance necessarily had anything to do with the fact that I wasn't wearing a collar, and I don't look like your traditional version of a church pastor. …

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