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 This may be one of the toughest blogs I've ever written. Not for any serious reason, but for the reason that it's 45 degrees and sunny right now on March 3 in Minnesota, and all around me the world is finally bright again and everything green is waking up. And all I want to do is stand there, feeling the hotness of the spring sun on my back, and drink in the air - without it burning my lungs or my warm breath hanging in the cold air. Yesterday when we walked outside to drive to school, no small blessing in this year of COVID-19, my 8-year-old son said: "Mom! I can see grass again! Do you see it!" Our lawn has been mostly covered in snow for around four months now, due to some unexpected October snowfall and frigid February temperatures. March is ordinarily the snowiest month in Minnesota, and I'm certain today is merely what we call "false spring" around here, but nonetheless I'm uncertain if we've ever needed spring quite so badly. I am a perso

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