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The Steadying of Seasons

My son Jacob got out of bed this morning, groggily, as is his fashion.

He slowly wandered out to the kitchen, then, remembering, made his way to the sliding glass door. Opening the curtains, he shouted: "It's still here!"

He was talking, of course, about the newly fallen snow that was the first to stick in Minnesota this winter. It is likely the first snowfall Jacob remembers. He was 2 years old when we moved from Chicago to Orange County, CA, where the only snow he saw each year came in on a truck for his preschool. I'm not kidding. You waited in lines just to touch it with your hands.

Orange County snow came in on trucks from the mountains
Now, he was captivated by the snow. He was amazed it had stayed overnight. It had a new permanence, lasting, in his life.

He had no idea how long it would last. Possibly until April. But we will enjoy it for now.

It is my first lasting snowfall too, since Chicago in 2015. Time has expanded and contracted over the past three years…

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