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Open to hear: An article recommendation in light of the #SupremeCourt

I'm blogging late tonight, after putting the kids to bed. I taught two Bible studies at church today and was moved by one thing in two places: the willingness of so many people to put aside their daily concerns and busy lives, and open themselves up to hear God's word and be moved by the Holy Spirit.

It has been a heavy September. I've had many people in my community and among my acquaintances face death, illness and hospitalization this month. There are the daily stressors, late buses, rain. There are hurricanes in the Carolinas and typhoons in the Philippines and China.

Still, people were willing to come to the antiquated, sometimes morally compromised American church, and seek Jesus together once again. It was a risk in a world that has become cynical and untrusting, to walk into a group of strangers and discuss the Bible and ask for prayer requests.

In this openness and risk, though, I felt the presence of God among us. People were willing to listen to one another, and…

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