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If it's Love that we Give ...

Even on this Valentine's Day week, love seems perpetually underrated.

We've traded in romantic comedies for dystopic, credible thrillers about the injustice and death lurking between increasingly polarized social classes (side note: you should definitely see Parasite, this year's Best Picture winner, ASAP).

We've traded in declarations of love for declarations of hate, soaring rhetoric for conspiracy theories and QAnon, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free for travel bans and benefit purges.

What an uplifting way to begin a blog about love.

What an uplifting way to celebrate Valentine's Day, which if you want a piece of good news, this is the one holiday sustaining the long embattled U.S. Postal Service and the paper cards industry. You can buy great paper cards at Trader Joe's for $1, by the way.

I am blessed in my life to know much love. Ben and I were each other's first serious boyfriend/girlfriend, and we've celebrated nearly 16 Valentine&#…

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