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As a mother of sons ... my take on #MeToo

Every time another powerful man in America is revealed to be a serial abuser of women: Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Bill O'Reilly, Roger Ailes, Bill Cosby, Donald Tr ... take your pick.

Every time other powerful men send out this sympathetic tweet:

As a father of daughters ...

And somehow the focus always remains on those who've been abused. As if somehow we think the onus is on women to stop it. As if somehow this terror, this scourge of sexual abuse and sexual harassment affects only women, only daughters - and does not traumatize and destroy the very fabric of our being: our families, our relationships and our nation.

This week, maybe like you, I posted #MeToo on social media, admitting, however shamefully, that I too had encountered sexual harassment. (As a former sportswriter and current pastor - two male-dominated professions - this can't be terribly surprising).

I didn't tell my stories. I didn't even want to remember the details, though they flooded back …

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