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The Power of Communion

Kids worshiping together on the skate ramp for Family Fun Nights at the Table
I have always been a person who is much more about the WORD than the Sacrament (Communion and Baptism) part of ministry. I love to hear the Bible read and preached; to hear the words of Scripture in music and in prayer.

Communion liturgy -- I could take or leave it. You certainly won't hear me singing the Great Thanksgiving prior to communion. That blessing was bestowed only for my seminary worship class, and their ears may never be the same. (Of course that blessing is also bestowed to our livestream audience on Sunday mornings, whenever I forget to turn off my microphone during hymns) ...

Still, lately I've been reminded of the power of Holy Communion: about the Sacrament's ability to transcend our human frailty and bring disparate groups of human beings together in the power of the Holy; to diminish ego and criticism and hatred and divisions - to humble ourselves in the sight - and the taste …

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