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The Most Important Thing a Pastor Can Do

I've been a part of the church for a very long time now, technically since I was two months old, when my Pastor dumped water on my head and made the sign of the cross. Or maybe before, when that same Pastor visited me in the hospital after I was born.

Still, I have to be honest. I've never felt 100 percent comfortable as a part of the church. You might be surprised to hear this coming from a Pastor, but I always felt like I was physically inside the church while mentally held outside its walls of acceptability.

In high school, I went to Youth Group, joined the leadership team, and even traveled across the country on a 15-passenger van for a high school mission trip.

But I always kept a little distance between myself and those who I thought of as the "church kids," the ones who went to every event and always seemed just a little holier, a little less sinful, a little more conventional than me.

Maybe it's like that old Evangelical saying: in the world but not of th…

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