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New Beginnings, Prophets, and the Complexity of Truth


This is the first edition of the blog coming to you from my new pastoral home at Grace Lutheran in Brownton, Minn.!

New office
When I recently served as part-time teaching pastor at Easter Lutheran in Eagan, Minn., we had multiple church campuses, and sort of a rotating office arrangement - so I never took the time to unpack my office boxes from my previous call in Orange County, CA.
Yesterday in Brownton, I finally got the chance to open and unpack. What a gift to remember the cards, notes, and pictures drawn by Messiah preschoolers, friends, and family -- plus notes from St. Philip in Chicago -- and a board designed by my friend, Jen, and presented to me by Community - Vegas Pastor Mark Wickstrom at my ordination in Minneapolis at the church where I grew up.
I have to laugh a little when I look out my window here at my new office in Southwestern Minnesota. Rather than looking down on palm trees and SoCal suburbia and purple flowering plants, I now look out to cry…

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