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The Church that eats its own

I write this post with a heavy heart, hearing multiple stories this week of friends and colleagues who have felt betrayed and alienated by the very churches to which they gave all of themselves.

I write this post knowing that my church experience has been uncommonly blessed; growing up with a valued mentor pastor who baptized, confirmed, married and ordained me ... serving internship and three pastoral calls in churches who have loved me and embraced my gifts; who have treated me well and cared not only for me but also for my family.

I have been uncommonly blessed by the Church, yet even I see the heavy burden carried by pastors, church workers, and volunteers in the American Church in 2019.

I sense a great need for reform, repentance, and recognition of the lives the Church has damaged, and the ways the American Church, in its pursuit of money, power and influence, has succumbed to the very worst instincts of American ambition, at the cost of telling the true story of a humble Savior…

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