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I have big news on this week's blog.

After nearly a year of research and writing, I HAVE COMPLETED MY MANUSCRIPT for my upcoming book, Red State Christians!

This is my "I'm gonna be an author!" pose ...
Now, before I go into total hysterics and excitement, I realize that this is but one (HUGE) step along the journey. Now that I have submitted my manuscript to my editor, we'll go through several months of editing and promotions, making sure that the right people have review and pre-release copies of the book so that it can be shared with as many people as possible. I'd love your help with this!

I am so incredibly excited for what is yet to come, and I am so incredibly grateful for what I've already experienced as part of writing this book. I have traveled all across America, in some cases to cities and places I'd never been before. I even drove across the border into Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and I ended my last big chapter just a few hundred miles from C…

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