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Summer 2020 and why we can't escape the heat

Last Sunday night I finally convinced my city-raised, Missouri-born husband to come with me and our two boys to the beach at the city lake near our house.

We changed into swimsuits and packed a backpack with towels and hopped on our bikes, rounding the curve of the path on a closed-down street, a street closed since March when our world changed forever in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

The orange and white street signs were commonplace now, and maybe we almost didn't notice that the day before we hadn't held a parade, or my kids watched church online, and the only fireworks show was the sporadic bursts of people in the neighborhood setting off whatever they'd bought on their own.

I don't know how I'd know what time of year it was at all if it wasn't for the changing seasons, and here in Minnesota they were changing powerfully, day after day of 90+ degree weather.

The wading pool at the city park across the street was closed for the season, as were the ba…

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